Oh My God. Fuck You!

10 thoughts on “Oh My God. Fuck You!

  1. Great to see this again!
    I happened to check by chance yesterday. it really made my day

    1. Thanks! I hope to be up and running properly very soon!

  2. Super happy to see that this site updated recently! I was pretty worried.

    I might be subconsciously conjuring something that never existed, but do you think you’ll rerelease the printed version of this comic (if that was ever actually a thing to begin with)?

    1. That is kind of my ambition with this rerelease. The original comic was never created with print in mind. If you recall, some of the pages were drawn on serviettes, some of them leaned in to infinite canvas territory. I hope to recreate some of those pages so print is possible. That will take awhile though.

  3. Yay! What a treat new readers have ahead of them. Lovely to see you back. <3

  4. Where’s the rest??

    1. It’s coming eventually. See the news posts for info.

  5. Oh hey! What a wonderful surprise!
    So glad to see a new version is in the works. That’s some real dedication to your art, after what happened to the old site.
    Are you on Patreon?

    1. Thanks! It feels good to be back! I am thinking of starting a Patreon soon.

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