I Lie About the Sex I Do Have!

Some interesting challenges with this page. The first chapter of ALM was written within a week and not a lot of the story was in place. This time around I am focusing on building up Anders' character more as well as establishing a clearer sense of place. It wasn't really until the second chapter that it was decided the story primarily took place in Stockholm, which was challenging for me back then. I was a little too young and a little too inexperienced, but also I had only been in Stockholm once or twice! I'm from the North and I had only a tourist's perspective on the city. I also had a 20-something's view on what an older adult was. I'm so sorry, Lena. You are a gem and you deserved better. I'll flesh you out more this time. Promise! :)

5 thoughts on “I Lie About the Sex I Do Have!

  1. <3 I’m so excited for this! I loved ALM the first time around!!

  2. I can’t wait to add anders loves maria to my rss feed

    1. Is there something stopping you from doing that? I thought that was an inbuilt function for WordPress? Forgive my ignorance on that whole thing. 🙂

    2. Try this link Gary, it’s working for me in my Reader: https://anderslovesmaria.com/comic/feed/
      It wasn’t for a bit, but the last few comics have been showing.

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